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Aircon chemical wash in Singapore is a good way to keep the air conditioner at peak performance or to repair an air conditioner that is not cooling. At an affordable price, our chemical cleaning can remove stubborn debris from your air conditioner. Regular chemical flushing of the air conditioner (dry cleaning without dismantling) will allow you to clean your air conditioner using a safe chemical, rather than disassembling the entire unit. During chemical repairs, the entire machine will be disassembled for the most thorough cleaning. The practice of using chemical-based cleaners to rebuild and repair your air conditioner is known as an air conditioner overhaul or a chemical air conditioner wash.

For instance, you have been using the air conditioner for 3-4 years and have not experienced any difficulties. And over the years, you haven’t done any proper maintenance. In this case, dirt, oil and dust accumulate in various parts of the air conditioner.

We strongly recommend disassembling the electronic control box and the evaporator coil in order to solve this problem. Then, using a special cleaning agent that washes away dirt, clean all sections of the air conditioner. This treatment also cleans the device, restores cool air and improves air quality. Our service technicians thoroughly chemically clean air conditioners and provide quality service for air conditioners from a variety of brands, including LG, Fujitsu and Toshiba.

Chemical cleaning includes a wide range of tasks

  • Disassembly of the electronic control unit (for chemical repair).
  • Evaporator coil, fan bearing, fan motor and fan impeller removed (for chemical repair only).
  • Dismantling the drainage pipe (for chemical repair).
  • Gas tank filling and security check service.
  • The evaporator coil and other parts are chemically flushed and cleaned.
  • Double-check the thermostat.
  • The system is being configured and tested.
  • The drain is drained and evacuated.

Benefits of using a chemical cleaning solution for air conditioning

Dust and particles must be removed

Chemical treatments are effective in breaking up tough soil accumulations for years of unattended operation or years of downtime. The cleaning process will remove dust, debris, and dangerous bacteria (fan coil unit) even in the narrowest places of your pipes and evaporator coil. The cleaning process will remove dust, debris and dangerous bacteria (fan coil unit). Chemical cleaning will help improve the airflow of your air conditioner.

The air conditioner parts are thoroughly cleaned.

When we chemically clean your air conditioner, we clean all of its components, including the compressor, evaporator coil, drain pan, fan bearings and condenser. As a result of such processing, its service life will be increased. Because these parts heat up or freeze every day for extended periods of use, chemical repairs are beneficial. Both will be cleaned to allow them to perform at maximum efficiency and also reduce wear and tear.

Checking the condition of parts

In addition to a comprehensive chemical wash, we will check your air conditioner for other problems. Since our air conditioning specialist will open the device and remove most of its components, they will be able to check each component for holes or defects that are causing leaks or if they are working properly.

Inexpensive service

After dry cleaning, the air conditioner, the maintenance costs of your air conditioner will also be reduced. Your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard to produce cold air for your room because it works at peak efficiency, helping you save energy and money on utility bills. All internal components of your air conditioner will be checked. Because chemical repairs also serve as preventative maintenance for the entire device, you often don’t have to replace parts. Maintenance costs are also reduced in the future.

To keep it in good working order, it is recommended to dry clean the air conditioner once a year, especially in tropical regions where the temperature is constantly high. When it comes to air conditioning maintenance, chemical repairs are often seen as the most important factor. Find out when to chemically clean your air conditioner.

If ice forms on the condenser, your air conditioner is not producing enough cold air. The evaporator coil and the condenser are two parts of the air conditioner.

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